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~ Meet Your Professor ~

Professor Daniel Stein
2979 Judith Drive
(516) 826-2867


Welcome to Touro Field Experience and Practicum
with Professor Daniel Stein
Please contact me ASAP if you have class at this time so that an
alternate time can be arranged.
YOU are NOT permitted to ask to be excused from a class to attend this meeting.

A mandatory group meeting will be held on
Thursday, March 13
Concourse Level
Note that parking is difficult, so allow sufficient time.
It will be best to come via public transportation (information below)

Touro College
71-02 113th Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375
Map Showing Forest Hills Location - NYC Transit Map - Virtual Transit Map
The closest subway station is Forest Hills, 71st and Continental (North Side), exit front of train
This is an express station for E and F trains.

Those graduating in or after the Spring 2014 semester will need to take the edTPA tor Teacher Certification

IMPORTANT For The Second Class
Please do the following ASAP and bring printed material to class at our meeting.

Practicum students can bring in Charts and their lesson plans! See the Home Page.

  1. Bring your Field Experience/Practicum Guide

  2. Touro College edTPA Orientation Guide (print and bring to class)
    - Touro Teacher Candidates in Literacy 2 courses are asked to register for the edTPA (see Orientation Guide)

  3. Teacher candidates (who are not yet certified teachers) are asked to register for the edTPA Pearson e-portfolio system (platform), Special Education Exam with an April 10th, final submission date. Do this IF you are taking your second literacy course this semester.
    Register Here  also located at:

  4. Enter Blackboard edTPA Made Easy Spring 2014 ( ) end explore
    - Note: Access to the above course may take 1 week after registering for your second literacy course.

  5. Print and Bring to Class The edTPA Handbook for Special Education which is available in the BB course "edTPA Made Easy Spring 2014"
    - See Orientation Guide above

  6. All students are asked to complete the STUDENT INFORMATION FORM BEFORE First Group meeting.
    - If you are not sure of your student teaching placement indicate this.

  7. Professor Stein Requests that ALL students create a Drop Box Account.
    -(so that you will NOT lose your files and you can have access to special docs)
    - Click and you will get Space FREE.
    - It is suggested that you install Dropbox on your Home Computer and/or Laptop. NEVER install Dropbox on a public/school computer

  8. - Please visit Dr. Lehrer's site

IMPORTANT: We need to know that you will attend this meeting.
Please Email your professor with a subject line: "Last Name - Course Number
If it is impossible to attend this meeting, contact your professor IMMEDIATELY
Prof. Stein 516-826-2867

You may wish to use NOVEL NY to search for articles (use your NYS Driver's License)
You may wish to use the Touro Virtual Library
2 citations in APA format
(you may wish to use the online resource knightcite)
Professor Stein's students were asked to complete an ONLINE form with student information.
If you have not yet completed the online student information form please do so now 6246studentinfo

Note: Professor Stein's students should look up their class "zz" number on the


Please bring your course guide a pencil a yellow highlighter and a note pad


See the Agenda Below



  • Meet and Greet

  • Review of the Touro Field Experience and/or Practicum Guides

  • Review of the edTPA a requirement for NYS Teacher Certification

  • Samples of Exemplary coursework portfolios

  • Explanation and discussion of course requirements - Please do the following:

  •          Students are asked to highlight all course requirements in their course guide

  •          Students are asked to create a list of their course requirements

  •          If possible create a Word document of your course requirements
    Professor Stein's students are asked to look up their "z" number on the students page of
    It is wise to create a special folder for your course in MY Documents
    Student  123zz694 should save all files in a folder 123zz694.
    Each filename should start with 123zz694. In this way it can easily be searched.

  • Write down the emails and telephone numbers of 3 classmates in the same or similar courses.

  • Many forms are available online - Link

  • Intro to edTPA and the Blackboard course edTPA Made Easy"

  • Review a simulated video and the Touro College edTPA Aligned Lesson Plan

  • Request a school visit  1- complete the Request a Visit form on then email Prof Stein
    Subject Line should be 8 character zz number- your name - Request Visit Form completed

  • Questions and Answers

IMPORTANT: Please bring:

  • Your Field Experience and Practicum Guide, a yellow highlighter a pencil and paper

Online resources which may assist Field Experience and Practicum students:



For problems or questions regarding this Web site contact Professor Stein.
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