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How to Start and Online Resources
for Professor Stein's Field Experience and Practicum Students

Professor Daniel Stein, Tel. 516-826-2867 (Please try calling 2 students for information before calling me, Thanks)

Getting Started

  • Complete 6246studentinfo  for this course

  • Complete STUDENT TEACHING INFORMATION  for the Office of Student Teaching

  • Review of the Touro Field Experience and Practicum Guides

  • Make a list of your course requirements

  •          Highlight all course requirements in their course guide

  •          Make a list of course requirements (on paper or as a file **zz~~requirements)
    (Example: Student Joe Smith is taking FE 694 and was assigned a class student number of 123zz694
    All his files should be saved in a folder 123zz694. Each filename should start with 123zz694)

  •           Contact others in the same course and share your list. Telephone numbers and emails were exchanged in the first meeting.

  •           Students are then asked to write how they plan to fulfill these course requirements (on paper or as a file **zzfulfill). Note this may NOT be known at this time. This can be sent to Prof. Stein at any point, preferably by the first school visit!

  • Many forms are available online - Link

  • Request a school visit ONLINE see Home

Suggestions for achieving the best learning experience and achieving a top grade:
Since much of your grade is based upon the printed project which you submit, consider making 2 tables of contents
- Use protruding tabs labeled 1, 2, 3, for "Required items" on the Table of Content for Requirements.
- Use protruding tabs labeled A, B, C, for "Additional Items*" on the Table of Contents of Additional Items
in this manner you can add items to either at any time.

* Additional items can be evidence of items on (or in addition to) the checklist of activities in your Field/Practicum Guide. Thus you can collect items to show that you are involved in your school's activities. Items may include, notices from your principal, use of forms, agendas from professional developments, safety procedures, school trips, plays, etc. or anything that shows school procedures and excellence in teaching or the teaching experience. NOTE: These additional items should be organized into sections. The first page of each section should have a hand written note (preferably in red) stating why these items are included.

Online resources which may assist Field Experience and Practicum students:



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