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Field Experience and Practicum - Spring 2014
Professor Stein has assigned every student a student number (see below).
Please use this  "zz: number followed by your name, in the beginning of every email subject line. Unrecognized emails are often considered SPAM and deleted!
If you send Professor Stein a file ( i.e. lesson plan) please send it to
Please begin the filename with your student number. For example a lesson plan file sent from Lauren Barnes could be called "251zz695lessonplan1".
The subject line of the email could be 251zz695 Lauren Barnes lesson Plan 1

IMPORTANT: If you have NOT yet registered with me directly please complete this (6246) student info form

  Course zz # Name
1 678QA 678zz401 Aguilar, Jerry
2 695QA 695zz402 Deras, Jenny
3 677QA 677zz403 Greco-Cox, Diane
4 678QA 678zz404 Muzamali, Antonio
5 678QA 678zz405 Puleo, Marissa
6 675QA 675zz406 Shepherd, RoseAnn
       If your name is not listed begin the course
       with the digits of your course number and zz999
       Example ###zz999


Key Points for Field Experience and Practicum

1- Complete the student information form (above) to complete registration with Prof. Stein
2- All email to Prof. Stein should have a subject line beginning with your "zz" number and your name.
3- READ your Program Guide to understand visits/observations and requirements
4- You need to attend 3 meetings
5- Meetings 2 and 3 will be a midterm and a final (respectively). Check this site every 2-3 days.
6- Meeting 3 completed projects are submitted
7- Lesson Plan: - Field Experience and Practicum students are asked to create 1 or 2 lesson plans with a simulated video (speak to an imaginary class  or student). You may wish to ask your cooperating teacher if you can use their lesson "best" lesson if you feel it appropriate.
This lesson plan activity is an Interactive Learning Response Document. Please include pictures of Your lesson at the board (with Lesson Title, Common Core Standards, etc. You an accomplish this with (copy/paste, insert or use Snip in PC Windows 7))
Use this Lesson Plan Activity:  ~~~TcTPAILRD.docx (best used with PC)

- Field Experience students are asked to complete an IEP Simulation (~~IepSimulation1.docx)
- The lesson plan and simulated will be due at the second group meeting.
- The lesson (word document can be emailed to Prof. Stein ( Should you choose you may upload your simulated lesson video to youtube and send a link to this video. Your image is desired but not required. PLEASE BURN it to a CD and include it in your End Term Project.

Professor Stein requests that all use the following lesson plan for their observation lesson(s)

Field Experience students PLAN one lesson using the document above
Practicum students use the lesson plan above for their observation lesson(s)


Please visit (edTPA Explained


Planning a Simulated Lesson for a Focus Learner using an IEP. This video was done by a Touro teacher candidate.

Simulated Lesson Video to prepare for the edTPA (NO IMAGE of the student).

Additional help with simulated videos

Visits/Observations - SCHEDULE THEM EARLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1- To request a  visit complete the "Observe/Visit Request on the Home Page - Home
and email Professor Stein at Offer ALL good times.....
2- You will receive a call/or an email suggesting a date and time
3- Then complete the Observe/Confirmation (Home page) and email Professor Stein at The confirmation asks for information and explains best practices

Problems or concerns? Contact Prof. Stein- see "Contact Me" (on the left for other contact information.



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