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Multimedia Tutorials  For Use in ALL Courses

E-portfolio Website Tutorials  -
Watch each multimedia presentation below, to see how best to complete assignments.
See how a student with student number 17z would accomplish these tasks.

As of September 2008 student folders should be their z number which now includes a 3 number course at the end.
Example for course 601:  117z601    Example for course 603:  117z603

Tutorials for your Printed Portfolio

Activity with video      
Create a Special gmail account Create a NEW gmail account in the format
school firstletterfirstnname lastname with No spaces
Example for Dan Stein at Touro

Go to

file: epaccount,swf
image epaccount.jpg
How to login to gmail   file: eplogin  
Create a website


  file: epcreateweb  
Add text to Home page Text should include
E-portfolio of Your Name
Created at "school" in "year"
Your email
I have reviewed the NYCDOE IAUP
file: epaddtext  
Create a new page- Philosophy The first epaddpage  
Add page to navigation side bar   epsidebar  


Summer 2009 update tutorials

Technology with Professor Stein

You may be asked to create an E-portfolio Educational site. Even the stout of heart are often frightened at the thought. I assure you that I and your classmates will assist and this may be hard to believe---- It is really easy, fun, FREE and creative. Many have obtained positions based on showing their e-portfolio and printed portfolio ( make a copy for yourselves).

To start….

You will be asked to make a special NEW gmail in the form

During the creation process you will be asked for a Password

I suggest that it is the person you love most followed by your 6 digit birthday (NO SPACES with all lowercase letters except the first letter capitalized)

Example: If the name is Laura and the birthdate is June 6 1963 the password would be Laura060663

You will be asked for an alternate email.

Please give enter

This way I will be notified of your account creation and be able to assist you if necessary.

Please complete the appropriate form below if you are in my class so that I have additional uinformation.


IMPORTANT: During the course you may be asked to create accountas at other FREE sites

Please use your NEW account and the same password for each new site.


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