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EDSE601 Students - SUMMER 2010 Online
Exemplary work may be posted here - Photos may be posted with student consent - Use BB to obtain email addresses

Please email me at In the subject line please write ***z*** and your Last Name, First Name.
I will add you to my email announcements to this class. Note that I have several classes and delete unrecognized emails.
Your "z" number in every email subject line will prevent deletion of your message
Please attach a picture (not required) and I will post it here for your classmates.
Emailing me a picture is acknowledgement of your permission for it being published on the website.
Locate your number to see if you have any exemplary work (
= Exemplary Work) or a comment
If you wish NOT to have exemplary work posted, please email me a request for privacy.

Students in Class EdSE 601OL SUMMER 2010

 If you have not yet completed the online form "Touro Gmail Accounts and Student Information for ALL E-portfolios" please do so immediately. Touroportfolio results require login

IMPORTANT- All students are asked to create a special gmail account which will allow the to create an e-portfolio website and more..
Once the gmail is active they later will create a google site with the first part of their email.
Their site can then be accessed from the link below.
IMPORTANT- The gmail and site MUST comply with our class convention
touro+firstletteroffrirstname+lastname (No Spaces)
If there is a problem with a duplicate name ( name Taken) add a trailing "2" with No Spaces
All professor Stein's students need but a single site! Additional pages can be added for other courses and student teaching

Students below that have successfully created a gmail account will be highlighted and have their e-portfolio website made an active link.
If you have not yet created an account click the form link above
highlighted in pink.
Also ALL are asked to check and update their BB Profile so that classmates an I can contact t you.
Have Questions? PLEASE ask questions by logging in to Blackboard, Enter our course, Click Discussion Board and then go to BBDB FAQ - All will become Clear!

Some students wish to view sites of students who have learned e-portfolio and are using it in their classrooms (link).

Note that your website can now begin with (preferred) or

  # z   Student Future E-portfolio Website Site Comments


z 601 Aurigema, Francis  


z 601 Burkhard, Elizabeth  
3 203 z 601 Fleming, Michael  
4 204 z 601 Franklino, John  
5 205 z 601 Grimes, Michael  
6 206 z 601 Guarriello, Melissa  
7 207 z 601 McFarlane, Jacqueline  
8 208 z 601 Nugent, Fallon  
9 209 z 601 Reilly, Frank  
10 210 z 601 Siegel, Jared  
11 211 z 601 Barnard, Scott E.  
12 212 z 601 Petrides, Cassandra  
13 213 z 601 Schmidt Curtis  
14 214 z 601 Fikes (Bushinger), Cassandra  
15 215 z 601 Apetekar, Emily  
16 216 z 601 Cunniff, Leigh  
17 217 z 601 Dean, Courtney  
18 218 z 601 Diamond, Linda  
19 219 z 601 Martinez, Charlene  
20 220 z 601 Lyford, Charlene  
21 221 z 601      



In order to make the course a more personal learning experience, the following students have sent their photos for posting. Please contact each other via Blackboard Discussion Board.

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