My Lessons (Lesson Plans/Student Worksheets/Mini Lesson Videos)
 -Lesson plans and worksheets may be reviewed by classmates. Pay strict attention to both backdrop and background noise and most of all lighting!!. Mini Lesson Videos should be no more than 30 seconds. Speak clearly and slowly. Your video is part of one of yout lesson planned lessons. If you need equipment please contact me via Blackboard. Submit videos via Blackboard. Use correct file naming conventions.

Lesson Plans/Student Worksheets

You are applying for a mathematics position (ficticious) at a prestigious school with a high salary. You are asked to submit 1 mathematics lesson for a general education class. You are asked to submit a second mathematics lesson for a special education class. Each lesson has 2 parts (filenames below).

 Part 1  is a lessonplan which is to be reviewed by your department chair. Please use a standard lesson plan outline used in your school. It may  contain aim, objective, motivation, summary, etc.. 
 Part 2 is a sample student worksheet (approximately 5 questions) which would be used as an assessment. This may be short answer, computation, multiple choice, etc. 
Use the following file names below and class naming conventions.

TOPICS must be from our assigned Barons textbooks
Barron's Regents Exams and Answers: Math A  or Let's Review Math A (this book has detailed examples and explanations)

Lesson 1 - General Education Class
Lesson 2 - Special Education Class
Lesson Plan 1:   **mylesson1lp.doc -  Lesson Plan 2:   **mylesson2lp.doc
Worksheet 1:      **mylesson1ws.doc Worksheet 2:      **mylesson2ws.doc
Video 1:            **myvideo1.mpg Video 2:            **myvideo2.mpg
Mini Lesson Videos
Create a 30 second mini lesson video. It is best to do this with a group, under the direction of a group leader. The video (**myvideo1.mpg or **myvideo2.mpg) should be taken with your group. Please complete your lesson plan and worksheet and then rehearse your mini lesson before meeting with your group. 
Sample Mini Lessons Videos
- Signed Numbers
- Multiplication Tricks
- Sum of the Interior Angles of a Triangle
- Mean Median Mode
- Pythagorean Therom
- Domino Signed Numbers