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The Official Site of Touro College is
Graduate Studies in Education and Special Education
Follow the colored links for each course
Spring 2014

Practicum Students : SEE THE GOLD LINKS BELOW to request and confirm a visit!

Students may wish to document with pictures their excellence in student teaching:
This is NOT a requirement but great practice for the edTPA

Practicum students are taking the edTPA.
When doing your edTPA video what better way to ensure that you mention everything is to introduce your lesson from a chart. The char is also a good thing should a supervisor walk into a lesson. The supoervisor will know all that is going on!

At meeting 2 I welcome Charts of Lessons
In your Practicum I ask that a chart or Blackboard is present. Please use your edTPA to add categories.

Objective: Convey to the scorer that you are an EXCELLENT Teacher!

If you have an e-portfolio you may wish to put your lesson on the site. Then offer extensions to your lesson.

My Teaching site (made in EdSE650)
Lesson Title:
Learning Objectives and Targets:
Common Core and/or Standards:
Method of Assessment:
Language and Communication with Vocabulary:
Special Adaptations with Rationale:
Extensions to the lesson:
How you will use the Assessment to assist you in planning further instruction?:

Second Chart:
Work and or highlights of a lesson

Add Pictures to your project:
No Students please (or pictured students who are indistinguishable- GET PERMISSION).


Practicum students ONLY are now able to to share files with Prof Stein: Here is How!

Please create a NEW Dropbox account using your touro email which ends in

Click Here to Create a NEW  Dropbox account

Download Dropbox to ONLY your home personal computer and/or laptop
Create a folder Touro For all your Touro Classes
All YOUR work should be saved in the TOURO folder.
When this is done email me at
Subject Line: Dropbox set up Your Name
Soon I will send you an email asking you to share folder with me,
The name of ours class shared folder will be ~6246StudentWork
Please accept the email and you will be able to save work in your folder on your computer and I will have a copy.
When you complete a file just save it into your folder ~6246StudentWork.
I automatically will be able to access it. That's right, you do not have to send it to me.
ONLY ADD YOUR COMPLETED FILES to this shared folder.
So that I will know what the files are and who submitted them please name the files with the following convention.
Course#fDescriptionFirstandLastName No spacesOnly Capitals to separate words
Below are some of the final files you might wish to save in this shared folder if your course was 677.

677VideoSimulation1YourFirstLastName (NOTE NO CHILDREN in this video)
677VideoSimulation2YourFirstLastName (NOTE NO CHILDREN in this video)



E-portfolios are part of the Touro Ed. Special Ed. Masters. Introduced in EdSE 650 students learn to create a single E-portfolio for their Masters.
As students move through courses they can add pages of "topics learned" in each course. You will be the Web Master of your own website.
Try demonstrating your content knowledge and communicative skills by assuming the roll of  teaching the topic to others in the class.
In this class you will have the opportunity of learning animated screen capture (Jing) Online Flip Books (Youblisher) Video (youtube, teachertube) and more.
ALWAYS present yourself as a PROFESSIONAL - images and videos of yourself on your own web site are optional.
This course is about content and includes new and exciting ways to demonstrate your knowledge and skill.
all sites should be compliant with NYC Internet Acceptable Use Policy (IAUP)
Field Experience and Practicum Students should look below for the Gold Links

 "Touro Gmail Accounts and Student Information All- plus E-portfolio(2) Results Requires Login

See Samples of Student E-portfolios
. Many were created ONLINE and the students have never met Professor Stein in  person.
- - - - - - - - -
More at Student/Faculty E-portfolios
  . E-portfolio Powerpoint
 ~ E-portfolio Guide from Academic Computing ~E-portfolio - Rubric/Checklist~ Radford U. Google Tutorials


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E-portfolio Help
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E-portfolio help


Professor Daniel Stein

"It is almost a miracle that modern teaching methods have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry; for what this delicate little plant needs more than anything, besides stimulation, is freedom"
Albert Einstein

EdSE 602
Intro to Teaching Students with Disabilities

Introduction to Special Education: Making A Difference
Chapter Reading Assignments
1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11,

Find a Textbook Methods and Values

Recent File updates

601udl.doc - 601iaup.doc

Field Exp. and Practicum
Get Your Class Student #
Register - 6246StudentInfo
Meeting 1- Thurs. 1/16
Meeting 2 - Thurs. 3/17
Meeting 3 - Thurs. 5/22
How to Start / Online Resources
Observe/Visit Request
Observe/Visit Confirmation
Lesson Plan:~~~TcTpaILRD
Req. INC/Req Change From INC

TC edTPA Orientation Guide
Register for the edTPA


IEP Simulation (best used with PC)

For Prof. Stein's Students
Simulated Video Submission
Responses Requires Login

 Restricted Student info  INC Results
Observe/Visit Request Results Login

Observe/Visit Confirmation Results Login
6246meetings results requires login
6246bibliography - Results

Academic Language


Touro Technology Trends (pptx)

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The multimedia links below were created for EDSE601 but are similar for all courses
- Welcome to Blackboard -
- Approach -
Consider that you are applying for a prestigious high paying  position
- Naming Conventions-
- How the system works -

Use Equation Editor
       Adobe Connectd@p/b
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Writing Rubric    Grading Policy
Webpage Rubric    Presentation Rubric
Please print and read
Student Guide To Blackboard 6 (.pdf)

References for Faculty (below)

If faculty needs Blackboard assistance email

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Math articles

Goolgle DIsenabled sites

Mike The Google Sites Guide

Eye on Education Differentiated Instruction for K-8 Math and Science: Activities and Lesson Plans

Google Book Previews
How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed Ability Classrooms,
Carol Ann Tomlinson
RTI: A Practitioner's Guide to Implementing Response to Intervention,
by Daryl F. Mellard, Evelyn Johnson

Propfessor Stein is evaluation Atrixware - Online Quiz Maker

Try for help with video and pdf.

How to Add Video and Audio to a PDF document

FREE Hi Res Textures -


Comments from students in past EdSE 601 ONLINE classes

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